Three Ways to Create Fun Play Dates for Senior Dogs

Three Ways to Create Fun Play Dates for Senior Dogs

Just because your senior dog is slowing down and doesn’t have the energy to rush around the yard or chase dogs in the dog park, it doesn’t mean she should stay home all day and snooze in the sun.

Dogs are very social creatures and many really enjoy canine company from time to time.

Mellow Dog Dates

If you have a friend with a senior dog, or even a mellow adult dog that likes to be around other dogs, consider meeting up on a regular basis for a play date so that the dogs can hangout together. You can meet at each other’s homes, a local coffee shop and even consider a slow stroll around a pet-friendly mall.

End With a Treat


And, if there is a pet store in the mall, you can end on a high note by going in and allowing each dog to have a treat. Pet stores usually have something yummy to hand out at the register. Doggie play dates are a great source of both physical and mental stimulation and a senior dog will certainly enjoy the benefits of such outings.

Find a New Friend

Dogs love the company of people too. And, if you know any senior citizens who may live alone, consider taking your dog over for a visit and allowing them to indulge in some wonderful doggie love too. There are many elderly people who no longer have pets of their own and miss such interaction with animals.  You may even find someone who would be happy to doggie sit for a few hours while you run errands. Your dog may really enjoy such unofficial therapy visits. There are many studies that detail the benefits of people and pets interacting together. Your elderly neighbor will have something to look forward to when you plan to visit and your dog will bask in extra love and affection. It’s a win-win.

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