Solvit Pet Ramp: Review

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Solvit Pet Ramp: Review

Solvit telescoping ramp

Oh My Dog Blog

by Maggie Marton

My go-to strategy for dealing with any kind of crisis is to swing into planning mode. What aspects of this situation can I control? I suspect it drives John crazy – everyone has their own system, and ours are quite different – but it works for me.

When we got Lukey’s official diagnosis and the amputation was on the books, I dug into research. What equipment did we need? What changes or adjustments did we need in the house (another post for another day… wood floors + amputee? not so good.)? What could I do to make this even an inch easier for him?

The first two were no-brainers: a ramp and a harness. And we were so lucky that John’s sweet mom sent us both as gifts! I’ll share more about the harness later, but today I want to focus on the ramp.

Enter, the Solvit telescoping pet ramp! Ta da!

This guy has been a life saver. Lucas isn’t a small dog, and lifting him in and out of the car isn’t something that either of us would enjoy, especially because he has a vet appointment every single week for the next three months.

Here’s the one we got: Solvit 62320 Deluxe XL Telescoping Pet Ramp*

It’s wider than their standard one, which I actually debated, but I’m thrilled that we chose that because he’s not so great about hopping up and down in a straight line. The extra inches give him a little bit of space to weave.

It is pretty heavy–right around 20 pounds. I’m getting used to setting it up and taking it down, but the weight does make it cumbersome. Since it’s so long, the incline at its full extension is very gradual. That was the ultimate selling point for me. There are others out there that are smaller and more lightweight, but the incline was far too steep.

Ultimately, I don’t think you could get the length for the gradual incline, plus the ability to collapse it, plus the sturdiness to support a big guy like Lucas in a lighter model. I do know that they have a brand-new tri-fold version that’s a little more compact and probably easier to open and close, but it wouldn’t give the extra depth we wanted.

Honestly, we didn’t really train him to it (we probably should have). We just lured him up and down with a treat a couple times, and that was that. He’s gotten used to waiting for me to set it up before he climbs down, though I do always assist him with his harness.

I am SO grateful that there are products like this on the market. It makes life so much easier. We decided to train the other two to use the ramp, too, because it’ll be easier on their joints (especially Em’s) and we’ll be prepared in case of injury or something else down the line.

All content is from the April 29, 2015 online product review by Oh My Dog Blog

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