Sofa Full-Coverage Furniture Protector, Cocoa

Invite them on the furniture without creating a cleanup headache
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As members of the family, pets like to be where everyone else is and that often finds them on the furniture.  Many pet owners are happy with that but want a solution to prevent wear-and-tear and simplify cleaning.  Previous attempts to address this have been difficult to keep in place and few offer true waterproof protection.  The Sta-Put™ Furniture Protectors solve those problems and look great doing it.  With five different style and size combinations to choose from, there is a solution for just about every pet owner.

Choose the Full-Fit style for complete coverage for cushions, arms and seat back.  An extensive system of adjustable straps insures a snug fit on most any furniture.  Full-Fit Protectors are available in three sizes to match common furniture pieces: the Chair size has overall dimensions of 55 inches long and 66 inches wide, with a seating surface of 23 inches by 28 inches; the Loveseat size has overall dimensions of 88 inches long and 66 inches wide, with a seating surface of 52 inches by 28 inches; The Sofa size has overall dimensions of 119 inches long and 66 inches wide, with a seating surface of 71 inches by 28 inches.

Protectors are also available in Bolstered styles.

Both protector styles feature a main panel with plush, quilted construction that extends forward to protect the front edge of the cushions.  This section also has a fully-waterproof membrane built in so “accidents” don’t cause cleaning headaches.  The fabric is a luxurious micro-suede material with stain-resistant top treatment.  Unique, rubberized Sta-Put™ devices tuck under furniture cushions to keep protectors in their place, even for heavy “nesters”.

All protectors are machine washable but we recommend using a mesh wash bag to keep the straps untangled.  The protectors carry a Lifetime Warranty to be free of defects in material and workmanship.