Pug Review: Solvit Pet Steps

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Pug Review: Solvit Pet Steps

This Pug Life

by Andrea & Pug

I have considered getting some sort of pet steps for Pug for a while, so when Solvit reached out to me and asked if I would like to review their PupSTEP Large Wood Pet Stairs I knew I couldn’t pass it up. I knew having the steps would be handy, but I had no idea how much it would improve our lives!


Pug is well, a pug, so he always has to be right next to me. If I’m on the bed he has to be on the bed. If I get up, he jumps down. Then he has to be picked back up. And so help you if you don’t get to him immediately. Jumping, whining and screaming would ensue.

If he jumped down in the middle of the night to get a drink, I’d have to wake up and pick him up. He would try to jump up himself but had a pretty low success rate. Plus he had hurt himself jumping off the bed and sliding across my laminate floor. The older he gets the more dangerous this could potentially become.


The PupSTEPs come fully assembled. You just set them down and the legs swing out and lock in place. Disassembling them (if you can even call it that) is as easy as lifting them up. While they do take up some space, I find that they have a smaller footprint than other pet steps I’ve looked at. I think this model is the perfect option if you’re going to use them with a couch in a main living area, because they can be folded up and set aside in seconds if you have company over and don’t want them to be in the way.

It only took about 3 days to train Pug to start using the steps entirely on his own. I used treats to coax him up and down at first, and he started using them to go up almost immediately. He was a little more hesitant to go down, and for the first few days I’d occasionally catch him about to jump off the bed and have to redirect him to the steps.

I’ve been testing them for several weeks now and he’s a total pro. They’ve actually been a detriment a few times because when I gave him stinky/messy treats on the floor he’d use his steps to take them onto the bed! The quick disassembling comes in handy then too – I can prop them up so he can’t get onto the bed with prohibited items.

All content is from the August 5, 2015 online review on This Pug Life.

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