Solvit Pet Ramp: Review -Tuesday, April 28, 2015
When we got Lukey’s official diagnosis and the amputation was on the books, I dug into research. What equipment did we need? What changes or adjustments did we need in the house (another post for another day… wood floors + amputee? not so good.)? What could I do to make this even an inch easier for him? The first two were no-brainers: a ramp and a harness.
How Safe Are Some of Today’s Car Harnesses for Dogs? Crash testing by Subaru and the Center for Pet Safety in 2013 found that nearly all fared poorly. Two manufacturers have taken the results and made improvements.
Solvit Featured in the Miami Herald -Wednesday, November 5, 2014
Critter Comforts for Older Pets Just as there are lots of products on the market to help ease the aches, pains and mobility issues of human old age, so there is a good selection of such products for senior dogs and cats.