Large HoundAbout Stroller Kit

Easily converts a HoundAbout Trailer into a versatile, all-terrain stroller!
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The Solvit HoundAbout Large Stroller Conversion Kit easily converts a HoundAbout Trailer into a versatile, all-terrain stroller for large-size pets.

Want to go on a long walk or jog, but not sure your pet can make it all the way?  Convert the HoundAbout Trailer into a stroller with our easy-to-install Stroller Conversion Kit – includes a handlebar, 16-inch swiveling wheel, parking brake, and cupholder.  Converts from Trailer to Stroller and back in less than two minutes.  

The major components of the strolling kit are made from lightweight, rust-proof aluminum. The full dimensions of the Trailer with Stroller Conversion Kit installed are 60 inches long x 33 inches wide x 39 inches tall (the handle is 39” above the ground). When combined with the HoundAbout II Aluminum trailer, the total weight is 33 lbs; when combined with the HoundAbout Classic Steel trailer, the weight is 44 lbs .  Please note the Stroller Conversion Kit is only compatible with the Solvit™ HoundAbout II and HoundAbout Classic Bicycle Trailer which is sold separately and not included with the Stroller Kit.

The Large Trailer with Stroller Kit is suitable for pets up to 110 lbs and is perfect for aging or physically-challenged pets.  Suitable for off-road (not extreme) conditions, too.

Solvit offers a Lifetime Warranty against defective materials and workmanship on this item.