How to Choose the Right Canine Travel Safety Products

How to Choose the Right Canine Travel Safety Products

If your dog travels with you – even if it's just to local shops, it's important to have the right travel products to ensure her safety in the vehicle and also to protect her in case of an accident so she doesn’t escape and runaway or, unwittingly become a victim of a crash involving other cars on the road.

Irrespective of the size of your pet, a padded safety harness does double duty. Firstly, it works as a restraint in the vehicle, protecting your pet’s chest area, and, secondly, all you have to do is attach a leash and you are good to go when exiting the vehicle.

The padded Solvit Deluxe Car Safety Harness has been crash-tested in a certified facility to ensure strength and durability.  The harness clips into a vehicle's seat belt system with a tether preventing a pet from being thrown around in the event of a sudden braking action. 

For small dogs that love looking out of a window, a doggie booster seat offers the safest view of the road. Allowing a dog to sit on your lap is very dangerous because if you suddenly brake, the dog can fly through the windscreen. A booster seat can be strapped onto a front passenger seat, as it doesn't interfere with the air bags because it doesn't rest on the actual seat. They have a short tether to ensure the dog remains seated inside it which should be used with a safety harness to protect the dog's neck.

For those larger backseat driver-dogs that jump around and distract the driver as their attempt to jump to the front of the vehicle, a backseat barrier will effectively restrict them to the backseat or cargo area of a vehicle. They work well when used in conjunction with a with a PupZIP™ Vehicle Zipline as this allows free-but-restricted movement for pets, without allowing them to interfere with the driver. A leash attaches directly on to the zipline, so once again, it’s easy to unhook and go when you get to your destination.

No matter what safety device you choose, the goal is to protect both you and your dog. Happy travels!

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