Find the Best Pet-Friendly Vehicle with These 13 Tips

Find the Best Pet-Friendly Vehicle with These 13 Tips

These days, our dogs probably spend as much time in the car as our kids do! And we believe if you want your dog to go along, then it's important to take their needs into account when purchasing a vehicle.

Here is a checklist of relevant features we look for to help seal the deal on a new dog-friendly vehicle:

  • The low profile of a standard car allows a dog to easily access the backseat area.
  • Finding SUVs or hatchbacks that also have a low profile can provide a dog easy access the cargo area. 
  • The rear door must open up high so a large dog can easily jump without hurting himself. Also this allows for a large crate to be positioned in the cargo area.
  • Trapdoor storage containers in the cargo or back seat areas are a must for dog park and adventure supplies. 
  • Third row sunshades in minivans stop the back of the vehicle from becoming too hot.
  • Non-carpeted interiors are easier to keep clean and fur-free.
  • Non-fabric seats are easier to maintain with dogs, but we would still recommend purchase a seat cover to protect any fabric you choose.
  • Air-conditioning vents throughout the vehicle including the cargo areas.
  • D-rings in both the passenger and cargo areas so that carriers can be restrained, and it’s also easy to set up a zip line to attach a leash.
  • Fold-down or removable rear seats allow for a pet bed to be set up in this area.
  • A sunroof offers great additional ventilation.
  • Power-operated rear/cargo door.
  • Well-positioned door and window locks so that a dog can’t open a childproof lock.

If the vehicle of your choice doesn’t have all these features, certain things can be easily remedied by purchasing various car accessories such as covers for the cargo area, along with steps and ramps to give dogs easier vehicle access.

Happy shopping!


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