Deluxe Extra Wide Hammock Seat Cover, Green

Keep your dog riding in the lap of luxury!
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Keep your dog riding in the lap of luxury!  The Solvit Deluxe Hammock Car Seat Cover combines comfort, warmth and protection. 

The high-quality, quilted construction of the Solvit Deluxe Hammock Seat Cover gives your dog a soft cushion for travel comfort while protecting the back seat, floorboard area and the back of your front seats from fur, dirt, dander and "spills.” Plus, it provides a barrier to the front seat, minimizing distractions from your dog and keeping everyone safer.  An extra four inches of width make this the perfect cover for larger SUVs and pickups.

Made with a super-soft micro-suede top fabric and treated with Stain-Blok™, this car seat cover can easily stand up to everyday use.  Adjustable straps, a non-slip backing and two Sta-Put™ devices keep the car seat covers firmly in place in all vehicles with headrests, and seat belt slits are covered to provide better protection to the seat.  Attractive styling with our Classic Grey-Green color and accent trim make it a perfect fit in any car. A Standard width version is also available.  Machine washable and covered by Solvit’s Lifetime Warranty.

Product Dimensions = 60 inches wide x 57 inches long; weighs 2.5 lb