Ex Large Wicker Pet Residence, Dark Brown

A home for your dog that looks great in your home, too
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Is your dog’s favorite place on the floor under a table or in a quiet corner? If not, it’s probably under foot or in the middle of the room. Without a protected space, many dogs have to keep watch on the entire room, often leading to problem behaviors. That’s why vets and handlers all recommend kennel training, the positive process of providing a secure den. So why don’t you do that? We know – ugly airline crates and wire cages force a tough choice between your home’s décor and your pet’s well being. Now Mr. Herzher’s™ solution will work as well with your home’s style as it will for your dog’s welfare.


  •    Rhino Wicker™ design fits any décor
  •    Attractive wicker pattern
  •    Flow-through ventilation


  •    Spring loaded door latch easily latches shut, swings wide open, or swings inside latching to the inside wall out of the way of both pets and people. Creates a great come-and-go pet den.
  •    Double tough pan protects flooring and catches spills. Easily removed for cleaning.
  •    Protective, no-slip feet raise entire residence off floor.
  •    Rhino Wicker™ material won’t absorb fluids or odors and cleans up easily with soap and water


  •    Thoughtful, easy assembly ensures tight and rattle-free fit.
  •    Tool included.
  •    Replacement parts available mfr direct.


  •    Small - 24”D x 21”H x 18”W for small dogs up to 12” in height at the shoulders.
  •    Medium - 30”D x 24”H x 21”W for medium dogs up to 17” in height at the shoulders.
  •    Large - 36”D x 27”H x 24”W for large dogs up to 22” in height at the shoulders.
  •    X-Large - 42”D x 31”H x 28”W for extra large dogs up to 27” in height at the shoulders.