Dog Car Seat Cover: Solvit Sta-Put Hammock

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Dog Car Seat Cover: Solvit Sta-Put Hammock

Solvit dog seat cover sta-put hammock

Golden Woofs

by Sugar the Golden Retriever

Sugar loves car rides. I always take her along to places wherever possible. My car has a beige leather interior that can easily get dirty and harder to clean. I used to have a black dog seat cover for Sugar. Due to warm weather, the black color absorbed more heat and made it uncomfortable for Sugar. Solvit Sta-Put Hammock to the rescue.

The Solvit Sta-Put Hammock is made with super soft micro-suede fabric. One side of the fabric is quilted and padded which provided Sugar an extra comfortable cushion. This cover is not waterproof, a disadvantage having a quilted fabric. However, it is treated with Stain-Blok™ to resist spills and stains.

Easy to Install Solvit Sta-Put Hammock

Solvit Sta-Put Hammock dog seat cover is super easy to install. It has four adjustable web straps that are used to hang around the front and back headrests. It is also equipped with two short piece plastic tubing, Sta-Put™ devices, used to keep the cover in place.

Other Features: Solvit Sta-Put Hammock

The two side vents help to fit properly the dog car seat Hammock on my car. The two storage pockets on the non-quilted fabric are pawfect to store Sugar’s leash and poop bags. It’s hard to find a dog seat cover that offers slits to allow seat belt buckles to pass through. Sugar wears a travel safety harness, and these slits are helpful.

Dog Car Seat Cover is the Solution!

I’ve been using Solvit Sta-Put Hammock for the past three weeks. Sugar had gone to the beach twice. The Solvit Sta-Put Hammock dog car seat cover protected my beige leather back seat. I was able to wipe off some dirt particles. I’ve washed the hammock with mild detergent, placed in the dryer and it retained its size.

Protect your car, a dog seat cover is a must.

The Solvit Sta-Put Hammock definitely provided protection on my back seat. However, the two Sta-Put™ devices did not work well. Sugar can easily move the cover. I had to adjust the hammock manually once Sugar is secured (with her travel harness). Also, the oversized slits were too big which allowed for some dirt (sand) to go inside. I like the simplicity of Solvit Sta-Put Hammock, so I’ve been experimenting and finding simple solutions to these issues. I find that by placing a towel underneath the seat cover helps to keep the hammock in place and using tape to cover the extra slits kept the dirt on the hammock.

All content is from the August 24, 2015 product review from Sugar the Golden Retriever.


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