3-Step Decorative Wood Stairs, Warm Cherry

Beautiful, furniture-grade stairs to help pets reach their favorite places.
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The secret is out: half of the dog population – especially small dogs – sleep on their owners’ beds or other furniture. It’s not magic getting them there! Either their owners do the bending and lifting or the pets accumulate a lifetime of joint stress. Whether looking out for a dachshund’s delicate back or protecting the golden retriever from hip dysplasia, a set of pet steps is just what the veterinarian ordered. So wasn’t it time that Mr. Herzher’s™ made this truly stylish solution for making your pet at home in your home?


  •    Elegant cherry wood finish fits any décor.
  •    Attractive inlaid design.
  •    Neutral-colored dense pile carpet.


  •    Two-step model for sofa access; Three-step model for beds and other heights to 32”.
  •    Carpet tread is solidly attached to provide secure, padded and quiet footing.
  •    Protective pads keep hard floors free of scratches and keep steps in place on carpets.
  •    Easy cleaning: wipe wood with damp cloth; vacuum/spot-clean carpet.
  •    Veterinarian recommended.


  •    Furniture grade tongue-and-groove assembly is sturdy enough for any size pet.
  •    Solid wood with durable polyurethane finish.
  •    Simple assembly with provided materials.
  •    Replacement parts available mfr direct.